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£249.99 SIA Door Supervisor Training

East London: £249.99            South London: £249.99
West London: £269.99       Central London: £269.99
Manchester: £299.99            Birmingham: £181

The door supervisor training is a six days training. After doing the door supervisor SIA security training you will be awarded a level 2 certificate for door supervision. once you get this certificate you can apply for your SIA door supervisor badge. The

£199.99 SIA CCTV PSS Training

East London: £199.99            South London: £199.99
West London: £199.99       Central London: £199.99
Manchester: £199.99            Birmingham: £181

The SIA CCTV PSS training course is a three or four days training. At the end of the training you will be tested. The qualification is designed at level 2 meaning that it is a very simple training designed at basic entry level. The course has three modules including a practical assessment module. The training can be done at its own however it is advisable that it should be done with or after the door supervisor training. Once you do your three day CCTV PSS course you will get a level 2 award for the CCTV PSS. To know more about cctv PSS training

£199 SIA Security Guard Training


The level 2 award for the security guarding is a four days training. After doing the training you will be tested for the security guarding whereby you will be required to undertake an examination. The qualification in its entity is very simple designed at basic entry level. For more details on level 2 award for security guarding click here

Door Supervisor Upskilling Training

East London : £99 North and West London: £99
Central London : £99 South London: £99

This qualification is required by all those door supervisors who have their qualification before Aug. 2010. The qualification is required if you wish to renew your door supervisor licence. It is a one day training session. Find out more about door supervisor upskilling training

Construction Site CSCS Green Card Course £99


In order to work in the UK construction industry you need to have a Basic CSCS card. To apply for the CSCS card you need to do the Level 1 award health and safety in construction environment and then you need to do the online CITB exam. more about CSCS card

SIA Close Protection Training Course £1295


The close protection training is the pinnacle of what a security officer can achieve it would allow you to apply for your close protection licence. We are approved training providers offering the close protection training at affordable prices not compromising on the quality. The close protection training would allow you to achieve the level 3 certificate for close protection. Want to know more about close protection.

First Aid Training London


The first aid training is accredited and a QCF qualification. We offer the cheapest quality first aid qualifications in various venues across London. The first at work qualification is set at level 2 and level 3 QCF, the level 2 first aid is a six hour training for one day on the contrary the Level 3 first aid at work is a 3 days qualification. More about first aid training

SIA Training Courses London

Offering SIA compliant Security Training UK . We endeavour to arrange cheap affordable training courses focused at employment yet not compromising on quality.

SIA and Industry Approved Trainings

All our affiliated and associate training centres are approved by SIA for security and other awarding bodies for industry specific qualifications.

Why Choose Us

Simple reason keep your aim and objective in mind, you want to get your certificate immediately, if you go to the high flyers imagine the number of people they are training and their administrative delays. What  Offer is what you want immediate training step two immediate notification of result and  your licence so you can make money.


Training Locations for SIA training

For SIA compliant security training we train across various venues in and around London. We provide training for door supervisor, CCTV and security guard training in ilford, barking, Romford, stratford manor park, stratford etc. Our office in forest gate E7 9HZ is well suited to cater for the needs for these areas. We can guarantee to provide the most cost effective and cheapest training for door supervisor, CCTV and security guard training for these areas.

Security Industry Authority

The regulator of the private security industry in the UK is SIA. It regulates the private security industry and it says that if certain type of activities are required to be done you would be required to apply for the grant of an licence. There are two types of licences which are

  • Front line All the activities being done as door supervisors, CCTV operators security guards and close protection fall under the category of front line
  • Non front line As the name suggests this licence is required if you wish to work in the industry  in non front line position may be as a manager in a security company etc.

How do I get my SIA licence

In Order to get an sia licence for any of the regulated activities you would require to get the requisite qualification for door supervision, security guarding, CCTV or close protection etc. The training can be taken from any approved training provider like us. Once you have successfully completed your training and passed the exams you would be required to apply for your sia licence. The SIA licence would cost you £220 at the current price and will be valid for a period of three years.

Cheap SIA Security Training Courses

Cheap security training courses for door supervisor, CCTV, security guard and close protection offered across various venues in London. We provide training for security at forest gate, manor park stratford, ilford, Romford, hackney, croydon. The SIA compliant security qualifications leading to an award in door supervision can be delivered at any venue. Cheap does not mean that we will compromise on quality. We also also offer the most affordable accredited first aid qualifications for the level 2 emergency first aid at work and the level 3 first aid at work in venues across greater London.

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