SIA Top up Security Guard Upskilling Course

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New SIA Top up Security Guard Upskilling course for licence renewal

Effective from 1st April 2021

Days: 1

Price : £119.99 


This qualification is developed for all those SIA security guards who have done their qualification before 1 April 2021. Once these SIA security guards have to renew their SIA security guard licence they would be required to do this SIA Top up security guard upskilling course which meets the regulators criteria for CPD and thus would enable to renew their SIA security guard licence.


Structure of the SIA Top up security gaurd upskilling refresher training course

The qualification is made up two units which includes Terror Threat Awareness in the Private Security Industry, Safety Awareness for Security Officers module. The need for this qualification was felt because all those learners having previous qualifications did not do the terrorism threat awareness module which has been made a mandatory unit for the current security officers qualification or to refresh their skills after 3 years. Moreover First Aid training is compulsory before taking SIA security officer course and SIA Top up Security Guard and SIA Top up Security Guard course.


Core Modules for the Qualification:

Unit 1: Principles of Terror Threat Awareness in the Private Security Industry

  • Understand terror threats and the role of the security operative in the event of a threat
  • Identify the different threat levels
  • Recognise the common terror attack methods
  • Recognise the actions to take in the event of a terror threat
  • Identify the procedures for dealing with suspicious items
  • Identify behaviours that could indicate suspicious activity
  • Identify how to respond to suspicious behaviour

Unit 2: Principles of Minimising Personal Risks for Security Officers in The Private Security Industry

  • Know how to minimise risk to personal safety at work.
  • Identify responsibilities for personal safety at work.
  • Identify situations that might compromise personal safety.
  • Identify the risks of ignoring personal safety in conflict situations
  • State the personal safety benefits of undertaking dynamic risk assessments.
  • List ways to minimise risk to personal safety at work.
  • Recognise the different types of personal protective equipment relevant to the role of a security officer
  • State the purpose of using body-worn cameras (BWC)
  • Identify strategies that can assist personal safety in conflict situations.
  • Describe limits of own responsibility in physical intervention situations.
  • Identify types of harm that can occur during physical interventions.
  • Identify the personal safety advantages of mental alertness at work.
  • State the benefits of reflecting on personal safety experiences.
  • Know government guidance in relation to global (or critical) incidents


Centres must adhere to the conditions for delivery and assessment as listed in the SIA’s “Introduction to Learning Leading Towards Licence-linked Qualifications. Requirements for Awarding Organisations/Bodies and Training Providers” and the Centre Guides for Security Qualifications.

Assessment for first unit is by externally set and marked 10 multiple choice question paper.

Assessment for second unit is by externally set and marked 16 multiple choice question paper.

Learner Entry Requirements

  • This qualification is a regulatory requirement for relevant SIA Security Guards therefore learners must have a SIA Security Guard SIA licence. It is the centre’s responsibility to check this and ensure that relevant records are available for audit purposes
  • Security operatives are likely in the course of their work to be required to make calls to the emergency services, or need to communicate to resolve conflict.  It is essential that security operatives are able to communicate clearly.

Locations for delivery of SIA Top up / up skilling training

We can deliver the door supervisor up skilling training anywhere in the UK either through our own resources or either utilising our affiliates and associates resources. However our focal point for delivery of the top up security guard up skilling training remains to be Greater London. The same can be delivered across any town in London either at our premises or your premises.